Tough build for root harvester

26 October 2001

Tough build for root harvester

STANDEN Reflex range of ASA-Lift root harvesting machinery now includes the T300-DF, a three-row harvester for top-lifting carrots, parsnips, red beet, swedes and turnips.

The T300-DF has a main chassis built, it is claimed, to withstand testing field conditions. Hydraulically driven lifting heads with a smooth profile are designed to penetrate crop foliage without damaging crop.

Features include automatic row steering and dual sensor height control, and low angle pick up belt arms extend beyond the topping knives to discharge leaves and tops effectively.

The Roller-Bar topping knives have greaseable heads or optional automatic lubrication and a walkover platform allows easier maintenance.

Below the topping knives hydraulically driven discs help prevent blockages occurring.

Standen Reflex also believes the harvester benefits from fewer losses thanks to a Synchrodrive system which matches pickup belt speed to ground speed.

When the machine finishes a row, belts stop automatically and then restart and gradually increase their speed in line with the speed of the harvester as it starts a new row.

At the back of the T300-DF a high-mounted 700mm wide cross conveyor and a 1m wide double pivot discharge elevator is claimed to ensure a smooth flow of crop into the trailer. Price of the harvester is from £68,000. &#42

Three rows in one… Standen Reflexs ASA-Lift T300-DF harvester is designed to lift a range of root crops including carrots, parsnips and swedes.

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