Trailed version of the flywheel forage unit

19 May 2000

Trailed version of the flywheel forage unit

KEMPERS 2200 flywheel forage harvester is not new – more than a few use it either attached to a purpose-built self propelled unit or linked to a tractor for reverse drive operation.

But now a trailed version is being prepared. Seen as a prototype at Grassland 2000 on importer Anker Machinerys demonstration site, there was clearly some way to go before volume production commenced.

However, the companys Shaun Rawson-Smith believes that a trailed version could expand the market for the forager unit significantly.

"The unit is tried and tested," he explains. "To limit its use to reverse tractor operation or self-propelled vehicles does not make sense."

Creating a trailed version has called for a wheeled carrying frame to be wrapped around the forager and a pto drive and drawbar to be designed.

Mr Rawson-Smith concedes there is still some development work to do – particularly in the pick-up height control department – but is confident that all will be well.

"I believe the principle is right," he says. "The result will be a versatile trailed forage harvester which will be capable of working in grass, whole-crop and maize."

Kemper header goes trailed on the Anker Machinery stand.

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