Trailer makes light work of one-man bale hauling

14 March 1997

Trailer makes light work of one-man bale hauling

SILAGE, hay and straw round bales can all be shifted by a Cumbrian-built, self-loading trailer.

With prices from £4900, the Mudd Farm Equipment Bale Hauler range is designed for efficient one-man transport of bales from field to central stacking/wrapping point. Final price depends on chassis size – either five- or six-bale capacity.

Trailer operation is simple, says Mudd. The driver moves alongside a bale and loads it onto the four-rail, trailer chassis using a hydraulically-powered, twin-arm cradle. A second ram then pushes the bale towards the rear of the trailer, freeing up forward space for the next package.

Unloading is equally simple. Two rams tip the chassis to one side so all the bales roll off into a neat row, ready for wrapping/stacking.n

Mudd Farm Equipments Hauler handles silage, hay and straw round bales.

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