Trailer to hitch to ATV

8 October 1999

Trailer to hitch to ATV

THE AR trailer, designed to be towed by ATVs, is capable of carrying feed blocks and bales weighing up to 500kg, claims the manufacturer.

Attached to an ATV by a standard 50mm ball hitch, the Agriquad 500 is self-loading. The trailers spikes or forks are first placed in a horizontal position close to the ground and then reversed under the load to be carried. Tilting the whole unit forwards raises the load clear of the ground.

Built by AR-Mech, of Penrith, Cumbria, the Agriquad can be operated manually via a hand winch or hydraulically if the ATV is equipped with a retro-fitted hydraulic system – the same company can provide one.

Supplied with low ground pressure tyres, the trailer costs £650. &#42

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