Trticale crop failure

14 June 2001

Trticale crop failure

I GREW a crop of Fidelio Triticale during last season.

The crop appeared to grow and set seed as normal, as did all of the other white crops. When the combine went in there was little to no seed to harvest.

The ground was checked for losses and was clear. Any suggestions as to why a crop should look good all season and there be no grain at the end.

Root structure was fine and no disease was in the crop. The soil PH was around 6.1 and standard fertiliser and chemicals as per SAC advice were used.

  • Duncan, Cotbank of Barras, Stonehaven

    IT does sound a mystery.

    I dont want to speculate on what could have gone wrong because it can be a whole host of reasons from weather through to any products used or machine settings at harvest.

    My first port of call would be the merchant who sold you Fidelio and your local agronomist. Failing that, I would go direct to the breeder – Semundo, based in Cambridgeshire.

  • Debbie Beaton, Editor, Crops

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