Tub mixer added to range

24 July 1998

Tub mixer added to range

KUHN has added a 12cu m capacity tub mixer and a new horizontal auger model to its range of Euromix complete diet feeders.

Both are trailed machines designed to shred and incorporate the more fibrous grass of high dry matter clamped and round bale silage, a type of machine the company admits is missing from its existing line-up.

The Euromix I 1360 is Kuhns first venture into the tub sector of the market. Up to three 500kg bales can be top-loaded into the conical body, where they are chopped by seven curved serrated knives, on a central vertical auger, which cut against hydraulically positioned counter blades in the side of the chamber.

Ingredients are blended as they are raised through the middle of the oval hopper – a shape which, says Kuhn, allows more of the capacity to be used – and as the material falls into the space at the front and rear of the auger.

Discharge is to either side by a hydraulically driven conveyor. Power requirement is 75hp and the mixer is pto driven at 540rpm through a dual-speed gearbox, which allows auger speed to be set to either 24 or 32rpm.

On the new 14cu m capacity Euromix II 1460, material is chopped by the knife-edged flights of two horizontal augers located in the base of the machine. These cut against a central counter knife, whose height is manually adjusted to give a chop length of 25-100mm (2-4in).

Shredding and mixing takes place as the rotation of the augers moves the material towards the centre of the chamber, where it is forced upwards and outwards before dropping down the sides of the hopper, whose inwardly sloping sides are claimed to increase the speed of circulation.

Discharge can be by chute to the right of the machine, or to the left by a hydraulically driven, height adjustable elevator.

All hydraulic functions are controlled from the tractor cab and prices for the Euromix II 1460, complete with weighing system, start at £21,800.

Euromix I 1360 tub mixer is 2.78m high x 3.59m long x 3m wide, with the conveyor lowered. Prices, complete with weighing unit, start at £23,670.

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