Turn around those scouring lambs…

2 January 1998

Turn around those scouring lambs…

REDUCE the need for antibiotic treatment of young lambs by offering those that begin scouring with the feed supplement Nutri-Scour, says Col-Late.

The company says that lambs can suffer scour from a few days to a few weeks of age, but that a drench of Nutri-Scour given through a stomach tube can turn around a scouring lamb in hours.

Nutri-scour is said to bind in the pathogens and soak up any toxins into a gel which is then expelled from the lambs intestines. It also includes citric acid and bicarbonate to balance the pH and help reverse acidosis, as well as energy, nutrients and electrolytes, adds Col-Late.

Each 80g pot – enough for 16 small lamb doses – costs £6 (01474-813999, fax 01474-812112).

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