Twin-rotor rake enters

12 February 1999

Twin-rotor rake enters

BIG balers and self propelled forage harvesters are getting bigger and hungrier – a trend which keeps implement manufacturers busy producing equipment designed to feed their ever more voracious appetites.

Vicons latest entry to this field is the trailed Andex 843 twin rotor rake, with the ability to gather 8.4m (27ft) of grass into a single swath and a potential output of 8ha (20 acres)/hour.

At the heart of the rake are two 3.65m (12ft) diameter rotors each carrying 12 arms with four double tines/arm.

Raking width is hydraulically adjustable from 7.6m-8.4m (25-27ft) via telescoping rotor carrying arms and in its widest setting the rake produces a swath measuring 2.7m (9ft) wide.

Drive to each rotor is through a fully enclosed, low-maintenance, gearbox. An externally adjustable cam track allows the tine arms angle of entry and exit from the crop to be adjusted.

Each rotor can be raised and lowered independently and either can be raised, with a central swath deflector curtain lowered into place for even crop gathering.

Tight headland turning comes from the combination of a wide angle pto and linking the rakes rear wheels to the headstock, so its degree of turn closely follows that of the tractor.

Both rotors are raised to the vertical position for road transport.

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