Two-thirds not worried by BSE

10 January 2001

‘Two-thirds not worried by BSE’

By FWi staff

ALMOST two in three British consumers are not worried about the impact of BSE on their health, according to new research.

In a consumer research survey 64% of consumers interviewed said BSE was not a concern, while only 10% were very worried.

And in a further boost for the British beef industry, 69% said their fears had reduced in the past six months.

These results come despite the publication of the Philips BSE Inquiry and extensive coverage on the link between BSE and its human form variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease.

The study by IGD, which provides information, research and education for the food and grocery industry, found that consumers over 65 were slightly more concerned.

Scottish consumers seemed less concerned than other shoppers. Almost eight in 10 said they were not worried, compared to six in 10 Londoners

IDG consumer research manager Anna Dawson said: “There appears to be a widespread view that the action taken by farmers, other parts of the food industry and the government have helped ensure that British beef is now amongst the safest in the world.”

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