UK debut for in-baler stretch film system

28 April 2000

UK debut for in-baler stretch film system

DENMARK-BASED Binder-Wrap introduced its in-baler stretch film system at Agromek in 1997 and is now preparing to market it in the UK.

Designed to be used by Vicon and John Deere round balers, the system places film – rather than string or net – around the circumference of the bale to provide weather protection for bales stored outside.

Binder-Wrap says it has now made some improvements to the original system – the film is now applied in a side-to-side motion which, says the company, allows only two layers of film to provide adequate protection from wet weather.

The system is fitted to the front of the baler (the baler cannot be fitted with a chopping system) and, when the bale is ready to be wrapped, the end of the film is lowered into the swath and drawn into the chamber. A computer controls the operation.

Binder Wrap reports that a number of units are already at work in the UK. &#42

Weather protection for round bales with the Danish Binder-Wrap system, which is now to be marketed in the UK.

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