UK farmers pay 40% more for harvesters

04 December 1998

UK farmers pay 40% more for harvesters

By FWi staff

WIDE differences in farm costs between countries across Europe means that UK farmers are paying 40% more for harvesters than farmers in Spain.

Analysts found price differences between countries of up to 196% for plant protection products and up to 37% for fertilisers.

Ceja, an organisation which represents young farmers, examined prices for fertilisers, plant protection products and agricultural production equipment.

It found that Ireland is the most expensive European state for calcium ammonium nitrate.

It also revealed that Belgian farmers pay 165% more for the pesticide Coumatetralyl.

Meanwhile, 1kg of the herbicide Linuron costs nearly three times more in Portugal than in Germany.

UK farmers pay 128% more for Tralkoxydim; and a Kverneland bale wrapper costs 36% more in Denmark than in Germany.

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