UK pesticide sales down, exports up

By FWi staff

PESTICIDE sales in the UK continue to decline, but exports staged a recovery last year, according to latest figures from the Crop Protection Association.

UK sales among CPA (formerly British Agrochemical Association) members slipped by 18.7 million to 473.3m in 1999, the lowest figure recorded since 1995.

Tonnage of active ingredient was slightly higher, at 25,744t, but no more than expected through seasonal variation, says the CPAs Richard Trow-Smith.

“We are looking at a static, mature market. The figures have not changed much even though farmers are really pushed financially, and reflect necessity use.”

Prices of some products eased as makers realigned their prices.

But while insecticide, fungicide and growth-regulator use declined, with few significant pest problems during the year, herbicide use rose sharply, up 1800t to 12,100t.

Exports topped 1.1bn, up 3.3% on the year and only slightly below the record set in 1996.

Fungicides saw a 21% growth, reflecting the increasing manufacture and use of high-value strobilurins.

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