Unions unite to spot CAP pitfalls

FOUR OF the UK‘s farming unions have met to discuss the possible pitfalls connected with the implementation of CAP reform.

The presidents from the National Farmers‘ Union England and Wales, Ulster Farmers‘ Union, NFU Scotland and NFU Cymru were all present.

In a joint statement the presidents said: “We all supported the principle of decoupling. It is now vital that the details are right, and that decisions are taken in good time. 

“With very different systems due to operate in different parts of the UK, it is more vital than ever that we stick together to express our common concerns.

“Cross-compliance must not make British farmers un-competitive in Europe, we need to have fair and efficient national reserve and we need to know as soon as possible how cross-border farms are going to be treated.”

Ulster Farmers‘ Union president Campbell Tweed said implementing regulations for the CAP agreement have now been published.

This legislation is now being interpreted by each regional administration, before informing farmers how the system will operate in their region.

Mr Tweed said unions were anxious to see that farmers are kept well informed as further rules relating to decoupling and the Single Farm Payment emerge.

The UK farming unions continue to work together to see through the implementation of CAP reform.

“We want to make sure that any pitfalls are spotted and put right before begin to use the new system.

“There is a determination to ensure that decoupling system works well across Europe,” he said.

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