US farmers warn over gene crops

7 February 2000

US farmers warn over gene crops

FARMERS from the USA are holding meetings in Edinburgh and Dundee this week to warn of the dangers of planting genetically modified (GM) crops.

The members of the National Family Farming Coalition (NFFC) will tell members of the Scottish parliament and farmers that GM technology has caused massive problems in the USA.

The NFFC says US farmers produce around three-quarters of the worlds GM crops, but the overseas market for crops using this technology has now collapsed.

The group also claims that GM crops will not always produce higher yields and lead to less use of pesticide.

Professor John Hillman, director of the Scottish Crops Research Institute, presents the other side of the GM debate in the same newspaper.

Prof Hillman argues that needs GM technology to feed the poor, and that organic farming is also not an alternative to traditional farming because it is not safe.

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