US food processor to accept GMs

04 June 1999

US food processor to accept GMs

THE grain-trading arm of ConAgra, the second-largest food processor in the USA, has announced that, as part of a marketing deal with Monsanto, it would accept all forms of genetically modified (GM) corn grown by local farmers.

ConAgras position contrasts with that of rivals in the corn-processing business.

They have recently announced they will not be handling GM corn unless it had been approved by the European Union. The explanation given was that they wanted to avoid trade problems.

In April, Archer Daniels Midland and AE Staley decided to cold-shoulder GM corn.

At that stage, four varieties of GM corn grown in the USA had been given approval, but another seven had not. Among the non-approved varieties was Monsantos Roundup-ready corn. The announcement by ConAgra comes as a direct result of marketing agreement with Monsanto.

ConAgra will be accepting all forms of GM corn.

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