Use your wit to cap our fun puns

5 January 2001

Use your wit to cap our fun puns

IF you are a wit, sharp with a pun and believe you can better some of our cheesy puns, then prove it and win one of eight FW diaries. Theres also a years free subscription for the best overall entry. Simply write a witty caption to fit any of the pictures below (remembering to include the pictures number) and send it to Under The Hammer Caption Competition to arrive by Jan 19. Winners will be announced on Jan 26.

Farmer finds solace in ice cream raspberry ripple heaven.

Taking the expression "seed-bed" literally.

An auctioneer rocks to Britney Spearss latest dance routine. But

he has not impressed his colleague.

Talk about propping the bar up…

Supermodels blamed for dieting craze on farms.

After another bad harvest, farmers head gets in a spin.

I always thought calves were like men and preferred drinking from the bottle.

Telegraph poles? Railway "sleepers" more like…

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