Video: Handlebar-moustached milk drinker stars in new ad

Cravendale has returned to British TV screens this spring with a new brand campaign, paying tribute to the most dedicated of milk drinkers.

Shot in a movie trailer-inspired visual style, the ad features a moustachioed milk drinker – who looks like a cross between Jon Voight in Midnight Cowboy and the 118 118 runners.

The cool, slightly mysterious character is never seen without a glass of the white stuff in his hand, whether he’s riding a mechanical bull or throwing shapes on the dance floor.

The ad seeks to maximise the brand’s exposure and remind milk drinkers of the benefits of drinking milk.

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The ad campaign was launched in the UK on Saturday 9 May amid commercial breaks during Britain’s Got Talent on ITV.

Arla Foods, which produces Cravendale milk, said the campaign aimed to cement its reputation as “the milk drinker’s milk”.

Claire Mackintosh, Cravendale brand manager at Arla Foods, said: “We’re excited about the launch of our Milk Drinker’s Milk campaign and can’t wait to see the reaction from Cravendale fans.”

Thom Whitaker, creative at London advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy, said: “It’s unusual to see a grown man drink milk, so that’s why we created The Milk Drinker – a man who’s not afraid to make a statement, especially if that statement comes in the form of a long, cold glass of Cravendale.”

Last October, Arla Foods launched a consumer-facing Support Our Farmers campaign to urge shoppers to buy Cravendale milk in order to help its dairy farmer members, who were struggling with to cope with the global collapse in farmgate milk prices.

In the latest phase of the Support Our Farmers campaign, Arla is calling on farmer-owners across the UK to get behind the Anchor Cheddar campaign to tell their story as owners of the country’s largest dairy company.

From Plymouth to Perth, Arla farmer-owners will be out and about over the next few months urging shoppers to rediscover their love for the cheddar cheese sandwich and buy a farmer-owned Cheddar brand.

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