Video: Sheep invade Spanish city after shepherd dozes off

Hundreds of sheep have been filmed roaming through the streets of a Spanish city in the thick of night after their shepherd fell asleep.

Spanish Police said a flock of 1,300 sheep escaped from a farm and invaded the north-eastern city of Huesca.

Stunned locals heard the sheep bleating and raised the alarm with officers who later called the farmer to help round up the fugitive animals.

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Huesca Police later posted a video of the marauding sheep on their Facebook page alongside a statement.

“At 4.30am we received reports that hundreds of sheep were running free by the Avenue Martínez De Velasco in Huesca,” said the force.

“After a few minutes we located the pastor, bringing together all (the sheep) and redirecting back to the point where they had escaped.”

The video has been viewed thousands of time on YouTube and other video-sharing platforms.

Video: Huesca Police

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