Video: ‘Truth About Vegans’ show sparks animal welfare clash

A Channel 4 documentary has highlighted the expanding gulf in attitudes to meat production between farmers and vegans.

Farmers have reacted with fury to comments by campaigners such as Earthling Ed, calling for animal farms to be burned “to the ground”, while vegans say that the show gave too much time to an unrepresentative minority.

Warwickshire pig farmer Brian Hobill, who has been repeatedly targeted by protesters, has been forced to spend £50,000 on security after repeated break-ins on his farm, including by campaign group Viva!.

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He told the show’s presenter, farmer’s son Morland Sanders, that the harassment has continued despite the farm being repeatedly exonerated by inspections from bodies including the RSPCA and Red Tractor.

“I think we have better conditions than most nursing homes,” said Mr Hobill, who said he was determined to carry on farming.

The show also featured Instagram influencer Cath Kendall, who equated eating lamb to eating a human baby.

Watch the video below to get a flavour of what the show was about if you missed it. You can watch the full episode on demand.

January is set to be full of anti-farming messages as animal rights activists and militant vegan take to social and the streets in protest of meat and dairy eaters.

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