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19 June 1998

Visit FWi – its the

farming world at your fingertips

LOOKING for the latest news, markets, weather and business information? Need to check the latest grain price? Searching for a front loader? Want some expert advice on combating a slug problem?

Then be sure to visit FWi in the new Centre of Excellence at this years Royal Highland Show. With its focus on business information for the agricultural sector, this is an opportunity for farmers and those in associated businesses to see what is available to help them run their enterprises to best effect.

Tremendous advances in communication technology in recent years, combined with the rapid expansion of the Internet as a medium for communication, have brought instant access to a wealth of new information sources.

For farmers weekly and Crops the Internet has created exciting new opportunities to publish information to complement our existing publications. It means we can now provide news as it happens, timely market commentaries and prices, instant access to vast editorial and technical libraries, regularly updated weather information and offer the ability to search through thousands of products and services.

Our daily news service keeps users up-to-date with all the issues of the day. Compiled by FWis news desk, working alongside the FW and Crops journalists, we ensure you get the latest, independent news you need.

Around the world

In addition, our Agworldwide partnerships with leading overseas publications provide access to news, markets and business information from around the world.

Meanwhile, our news search facility can be used to look through past articles from FWI, farmers weekly and Crops.

In our markets section there are daily commentaries on all the key sectors of the market. These are accompanied by extensive coverage of latest prices and trends, to allow seasonal fluctuations and historical comparisons to be viewed at a glance.

Our free access weather service gives todays national and regional weather. A four-day forecast facility is available on subscription.

Within the weather section of the site we present regular regional round-ups of crop progress, and specific pest and disease services.

To try the service, visit FWi on 5th Avenue at the Royal Highland Show, or visit our Web Site at and register for immediate access. For more details on access to farmers weekly Interactive telephone 0181 652 4903.

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