“Water we going to do now…?”

Wet tractorGavin Henderson borrowed a tractor from his neighbour Robin Hosie to tow a fire engine that had got stuck in a flood.

After the mission was complete, he headed home to find that floods he had come through on the outward journey had got worse.

Regardless he proceeded anyway until the tractor took on water and stalled the engine.

Next morning Robin phoned Gavin to see how he got on, to be told that he had abandoned the tractor a couple of miles away, he hadn’t expected the flooding to get quite so bad!

wet tractor 2No prises for guessing who was sent to attach the chain!

It all took place in Kirkintilloch, north of Glasgow, when the area flooded badly.

Many thanks to Ian Hosie for sending in the images.

If you have any pics you wish to be published on our site, send them (plus your contact details and a brief description of the situation) to fwmachinery@rbi.co.uk.

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