Weather hits UK milk yields

By FWi staff

DAILY milk yields were down in June and July, compared to last years figures, continuing the low-yield trend in 1998. Poor UK weather conditions in spring and early summer have been blamed.

Average production in the 12,700 herds monitored by NMR was 20.9kg during June, down 1.9% on 1997, while July saw an average of 20.8kg, down 0.48%.

NMRs head of corporate services Julian Bryan blames the drop on reduced production off grass, brought about by bad weather. This will put more pressure on summer grazing and home-grown forages as farmers try to maximise herd efficiency to fill their quotas, he says.

Protein percentage over the two months were close to 1997 levels, while fat levels dropped 0.05 points in June and 0.09 in July. Cell counts were down in both months.

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