Weather hits US coffee

22 December 1998

Weather hits US coffee

BAD weather will leave American coffee production 30% short during 1998-99, forecasts the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

But in spite of the crop damage, rising output among other producers will boost world coffee production to record levels.

Hurricane Mitch will leave Guatamalas production 29% lower at 2.8 million 60kg bags.

Production in Honduras is forecast to fall 24% to 2.3m bags and Nicaragua and Costa Rica will also suffer.

However, global production will rise to 106.8m bags in 1998-99, 3% above last season and 6% higher than the previous record in 1996-97.

Brazil, the largest grower, will produce 35.6m bags, 51% higher than last season.

Colombia, second biggest grower, will produce 12.5m bags.

The USA puts global coffee consumption in 1998/99 at 102.6m bags, 3% below the previous season.

  • Financial Times 22/12/98 page 26

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