Welfare campaigners attack calf slaughter scheme

21 May 1998

Welfare campaigners attack calf slaughter scheme

THE calf processing scheme – introduced to prevent over production following the BSE crisis – has been slammed by animal welfare group Advocates for Animals.

More than a million calves have been slaughtered at less than three weeks old under the scheme. Most are from dairy herds.

Les Ward, director, said calves were being “carted about and slaughtered in an appalling way”. The farming industry should look closely and consider breeding calves that could go for beef, he said.

His comments followed monitoring of animals being transported from Ranaldstown, Northern Ireland, to Carlisle, where the driver stopped for four hours and then reached Wrexham, in North Wales, 15 hours later.

Ward said the misery of the journey could easily have been avoided by sending the animals to a local slaughterhouse in Northern Ireland.

  • The Scotsman 21/05/98 page 28

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