Welshmen badger their Assembly

22 February 2002

Welshmen badger their Assembly

FARMERS in Monmouthshire are calling for more testing and monitoring of badgers to tackle the growing problem of tuberculosis in the county.

This week a group of farmers who have had TB confirmed in their herds met David Davies, Monmouthshires National Assembly member, at Trostre Court, Usk, where 75 pedigree Holsteins have tested positive in the last three years and been slaughtered.

Disease impact

The meeting was organised by NFU-Cymru to highlight the financial and psychological impact the disease is having on farmers in badly affected areas like south Wales. The union is concerned that a large number of cases will come to light following the resumption of routine testing, which was suspended during the foot-and-mouth crisis.

The NFU claims that 13 new breakdowns have been revealed recently in south east Wales, and anticipates the incidence of the disease has continued to increase in hot-spot areas like Monmouthshire and Carmarthenshire.

Before testing stopped the number of cases in the UK was growing by 16%/year.

An NFU spokeswoman said outbreak control measures could drag on for months, draining the spirits and incomes of farmers. &#42

"Members believe that the TB issue has been on the back burner for too long. They are well aware of public sensitivity about controlling badgers, but they feel their plight has been forgotten and are saying enough is enough and something must be done."

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