Wet feeds cut cost of pig production

14 April 2000

Wet feeds cut cost of pig production

SWITCHING from dry to wet feeding could save £1.80/pig on production costs, according to research conducted by Cotswold.

In trials at the companys research centre at Wye College, Kent, pigs were fed a 14DE diet in either wet or dry pelleted form between 40-90kg.

Average daily gain of pigs on the wet diet was 941g, compared with 845g for pigs on the dry diet, according to Cotswold researcher Tony Hall. "Wet-fed pigs ate more feed, converted it more efficiently and therefore grew faster."

Pigs on the wet diet took six days less to finish than those on dry feed. "Overall production efficiency improved by up to 4%, meaning a reduction in costs of £1.80/pig," he says. &#42

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