What a load of horse play…

horse play 3 
horse play 1
Horse play 3a
When taking hay to a couple of horses the loader started to slide down the left hand side of a disused railway embankment, apparently the driver over compensated and the loader then proceeded to make its way down the right hand side of the bank!
Then he did what you are always told not to do, he jumped out.

In the circumstances he jumped clear to the machine’s left (while it continued on its course and toppled over to the right) escaping injury!

The recovery operation probably isn’t the model way of doing it, but the according to our sender the terrain prohibited it being done any other way.

The loader was basically undamaged and was working again within a week

At the end of the day the horses got their hay, and no one was hurt, job done!

Many thanks to Ed Whitton, Suffolk, for being a good sport and sending us his shots.


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