6 September 2002


This years Dairy Event offers a full

programme of forums and more than 300

trade stands to visit. Heres just a taster

of what will be on offer at the NAC

Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warks,

on Sept 18 and 19

For further details of the event, map and full exhibitors list, see the official Dairy Event guide in the Sept 13 issue of farmers weekly.


Ambic Milk Sampler (Above)

Ambic Equipments stand alone milk sampler, developed in conjunction with NMR, takes 20ml samples during milking for a variety of tests from the milk line. It doesnt require a milk meter to be fitted and cleans in position, says the company.

Balers Choice

An additive and application system is being promoted for grass with a moisture content of up to 30%. Its supplier, the Profitable Farming Company, says it allows hay to be made throughout the day and in high density bales.


Importer, Bruno Rimini says this new plastic sheeting will keep more air out of silage and make a better quality feed. It is said to be 40 times less permeable to air than normal silage sheeting. Research at Leeds University shows an £880 saving for a 1000t bunker store, says the company.

Fullwood Robot (Below)

A new stainless steel version of its Merlin automatic milking system with individual quarter conductivity monitoring will be unveiled at the event. It includes new developments in in-line milk conductivity sensors and easier access for cleaning, says Fullwood. Prices start at £80,000.

Fabdec Kool-Stor

If youre short of milk storage space indoors, a Kool-Stor could be just what you are looking for. The range of outdoor, weatherproof, horizontal bulk milk

cooling tanks, include a state of the art cooling and cleaning system. Sizes start at 6000 litres and go up to 28,000 litres.

New Interpuls liner

A low-cost teat cup liner is being imported by Dairy Spares. It says that Interpuls liners have reinforced ends to reduce potential splitting, offer good milk flow and vacuum stability.

Bring a cob

Advantas Cob Clinic – growers can bring their cobs to the Advanta Seeds stand to find out what date the crop is expected to reach 30-32% dry matter.

CowCarpet (Above right)

Wilson Agriculture are launching a new roadway surface for cow tracks, which it calls CowCarpet. The porous manmade fibre is covered with a layer of crushed rock, sand or rock dust to make a track which allows water to drain through

NMR software

NMR is launching two new pieces of software for its dairy management program, impelPRO: A breeding module and a farm assurance module which can be integrated into the recording, health and movements software.

Lactofeed 70

Are low energy, fibrous silages posing potential problems this winter? Then Lactofeed 70 could provide an ideal complement, says Mike Rogers of Volac. Pick up a CD-ROM at the Dairy Event to explain how including Lactofeed 70 in dairy diets could help improve rumen performance and increase milk yield. &#42


This years worst kept secret is the news that Pfizer is launching its new teat seal for dry cows at the Dairy Event. Pfizer say that it is as effective as antibiotic dry cow therapy when used in low cell count cows.

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