17 July 1998


Cost of production

Hill, upland or lowland – see whats achievable, how your costs compare and what changes you could make to improve your business. Fill in the coupon in this supplement and take it along for some free advice.

Hill farming centre

Sponsored by Oramec.

New focus on the issues affecting hill areas.

Breed improvement projects.

The role of vitamin and mineral supplements.

Away wintering.

Hill pasture improvement.

Grass conservation.

Upland management.

Dry stone walling.

Organic sheep production.

Effect of extensification on flock performance and margins.

The Bowman – a new breed.

Breeds and breeding technology

A display of UK breeding stock from more than 50 breeds – weigh up the characteristics of each breed and choose the one to suit your needs.

An update on sire reference schemes.

Find out how important Estimated Breeding Values are and how to make them work for your flock.

The lamb market

A carcass demonstration (sponsored by Tesco) shows how leading terminal sire breeds can produce lean lamb for the market.

New carcass demonstration of hill breeds.

Learn about the latest technology to extend the British lamb season in the shops.

Find out what the market wants and how you can gear your flock to meet the market demands.

Health and welfare focus

A look at emerging diseases and the latest work on transportation as well as an update on four-teated ewes, welfare standards and the causes of genetic defects. Find out how to reach target weights with healthy sheep.

Milk focus

Breeds, market opportunities, performance data and products.

Wool focus

Fleece competition sponsored by DiverseyLever and an update on the wool market.


More than 50 dogs will be offered for sale at auction by Clee, Tomkinson and Francis, and therell be a chance to pick up some dog-handling tips.

Practical skills

Lamb shearing competition; fencing contractor competition (sponsored by Tornado Wire); Young Shepherds Pentathlon.

Major companies from across the sheep sector are supporting the biennial sheep event – more than 200 specialist companies and 50 breed societies are set to take part.

Talking sheep

Seminars where leading speakers tackle topical issues.

11am-12noon Lamb marketing

The role of producer groups in the future of lamb marketing – Arthur Haddrell, Tesco

Adding value to secure your lamb market – David Croston, MLC

12.30pm -1.30pm Managing hill sheep for profit

Making the most of your hill grazing – Arthur Davies, IGER

Optimising output from the hill sheep flock – Brian Merrell, ADAS

2pm-3pm Production strategies for the future

New Zealand messages for the UK sheep industry – John Vipond, SAC

Producing lambs at lower costs – Neil Pickard , ADAS

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