Wheat export tips

22 June 2001

Wheat export tips

KEEP exports in mind when choosing wheat varieties – they can be a useful backbone underpinning UK market prices.

So says Andrew Flux of British Cereal Exports who wants more Group 2 types grown as there is strong demand for them abroad.

"UK wheats are suited to overseas requirements and there is huge potential for quality grain."

"Group 2 varieties appear to fit. Normally Group 1 grain is too expensive for export buyers, but they will take it with 11-11.5% protein. So if it fails to meet UK milling specifications it could still be suitable for exporting, but at a lower premium."

Mr Flux believes nabim groupings do not suit export markets. Some varieties particularly useful for making bread on the continent or in north Africa are not in Group 1. Group 2 Charger, for example, performs well in the grist for bread baked in other countries.

Over the past five years an average of 3.6mt, or 24% of the UK crop, has been exported.

"A 25% market share for export should not be regarded by British wheat producers as a useful dumping ground for surplus grain, but as a valuable marketing opportunity," stresses Mr Flux. &#42

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