When should I spread my nitrogen?

30 October 2001

When should I spread my nitrogen?

How early in the spring in the north east should I spread my urea fertiliser, and is it best to put it on in one large dose or 2 smaller ones?

Please note I am not FACTS-registered, so I am not qualified to give specific fertiliser recommendations. However I am pleased to share observations and results from our own farm, although you should check with someone who is FACTS-registered before following this advice.

I would split my nitrogen (urea) application going as early as possible (within the Codes of Good Agricultural Practice) with a small application of say 40kgN/ha to get the crop started.

Then follow up with the remainder about two to three weeks later. This would certainly be the preferred system with direct-drilled crops.

Unfortunately every season is different and to give a specific date is difficult, but we like to see some nitrogen on by early March.

From:Jim Bullock

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