Will lo-till save me money on labour?

13 July 2001

Will lo-till save me money on labour?

ANSWER: Savings from lo-till have been banded about over the years, and it is fair to say that many growers have actually achieved those savings. But for some the road has been more financially disappointing. I believe the reason lies with labour.

This is at the heart of any potential savings on offer, since minimal tilling enables your farm business to save on man hours. So if you cannot use those freed up hours to reduce overtime, reduce the need for casual labour or ideally reduce the overall size of your workforce, the investment in minimal tillage will be fruitless.

The key is to turn that time saved into cash. It could, for example, be put to better use such as expanding the business to improve profitability. Perhaps increase the area farmed – either through contracting, contract farming or an FBT – without the need to employ additional labour.

FROM: Gary Markham

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