Winners hogg the limelight

28 March 1997

Winners hogg the limelight

CHEQUES for £10 will be winging their way to the lucky 10 winners of FWs caption competition (News, Mar 14.)

Thank-you to all those entered. The 10 winners are:

&#8226 "Thats him – the farmers weakling – caught with his only two supporters" (H E Graham, Pershore).

&#8226 "Hoggs lucky break – unpopular minister of agriculture finds he has two supporters" (FJ and RF Banfield, Wilts).

&#8226 "Its not my fault, Fischlers got me by the crutch." (A Thomas, Cumbria).

&#8226 "Macdonald Douglas with undercarriage down," (S W Watkins, Worcs).

&#8226 "Hogg steers lame ducks to Mayday selective cull," (W Nickson, Suffolk).

&#8226 "How long will this casualty have to wait before he is culled?" (G Perkins, Devon).

&#8226 "Cows must be bloody bright to walk with four legs" (D Steed, Kent).

&#8226 "Hop it" (T Hays, Cambs )

&#8226 "Did he fall…or was he pushed?" (S D Cross, Northants).

&#8226 "BSE: Banana Skin Exit" (C J Bosanquet, Northumberland). &#42

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