Winners of whisky

19 October 2001

Winners of whisky

For the last questions within the survey, "If you had to ask Margaret Beckett to do one thing for the dairy industry what would it be?", a bottle of whisky will be sent to each of the following for contributing the best responses:

&#8226 Mr Brooks, Lower Loxley Farm, Staffs – Promote sustainable farming.

&#8226 Mr Sumner, Heathgreen Farm, Worcs – Reform CAP and take the distortion out of the markets.

&#8226 Mr Hall, Rogershill Farm, Briantspuddle – Encourage co-operative marketing, as practised in the rest of Europe.

&#8226 Mr Morgan, Woodend Hall, Shrops – Look at the control the supermarkets hold over the market.

&#8226 Tim Johns, Pencnwc Farm, Castlemorns – Fight our corner in Europe and try not to destroy us at every opportunity.

&#8226 And finally…Mike Wright, Glanuskhome Farm, Powys – Marry a dairy farmer!

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