WTO approves US beef sanctions

27 July 1999

WTO approves US beef sanctions

THE World Trade Organisation (WTO) has approved US plans to impose trade sanctions on $116.8 million (£74m) of European Union goods.

Among other products, the USA will impose 100% duties on imports of beef, pork, and canned tomatoes in retaliation for the EU ban on hormone-treated beef.

US officials said the sanctions would target France, Germany, Italy and Denmark – the countries most influential in preserving the 10-year beef hormone ban.

The WTO ruling in the second this year in which it has approved trade sanctions against the EU.

In April, the USA was allowed to impose sanctions on nearly $200m (£126m) of European imports in retaliation for the EUs failure to change its banana import policy.

The European Union has admitted there will be further delays in making reforms to its banana import regime.

It said proposals could not considered until September when the new Commission takes office.

The EU is required by a number of WTO rulings to change the regime, which favours banana imports from African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.

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