Yeo calls for pigmeat labelling

13 August 1998

Yeo calls for pigmeat labelling

CONSUMERS must be taught the difference between UK and imported pigmeat to help save the UK pig industry, Shadow Agriculture Minister Tim Yeo said today (Thursday).

“Pigmeat should be labelled with its country of origin, and caterers and retailers should be encouraged to buy imported pigmeat only if it meets UK welfare standards,” he said.

He praised animal welfare standards in the UK pig business, and compared them favourably with those in other countries where, he said, factory pig-farming was common.

Mr Yeo – Tory MP for Suffolk South – called on the Labour Government to act before the pig industry became “the latest victim of their disregard and contempt for the rural economy and rural commumities”.

  • Pig men picket Immingham over imports, FWi, yesterday (12 August)

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