Yorkshire 49th…well, almost golden

25 April 1997

Yorkshire 49th…well, almost golden

THERE were more than 90 FWC members pleased that Yorkshire contact leader Eileen Houseman was under the impression that this year was the 50th anniversary of the club – its actually the 49th.

It was her turn to arrange the annual joint meeting with the neighbouring group and, with the golden anniversary in mind, all the stops were pulled out to ensure they had a good time.

Whixley village hall was transformed in next to no time when Eileens team arrived to set up the tables and many scrumptious dishes appeared, looking good enough for a wedding breakfast.

The after-lunch speaker was florist Rob Forbes of Oasis, Ripon who amused us with tales of running a flower shop and created some outstanding arrangements.

Margaret Daniel, contact leader of the York group, summed the day up in her thank-you speech when she said that they had good events throughout the year but this was the best.

Jean Howells

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