Yorkshire image to pull in customers

29 February 2000

Yorkshire image to pull in customers

A MARKETING scheme, Yorkshire Lamb, has been launched by a group of farmers who hope the name of their county will attract consumers.

The Yorkshire producers have forged new closer links with processors, which they claim will lead to better premiums.

Yorkshire Lamb spokesman Andrew Osbourne told the Radio Four Farming Today programme that working with processors means farmers can deliver what they need, when they need it.

He believes this will reduce wastage in the processing cycle, providing a premium to farmers and a quality, cost-conscious product to the consumer.

Mr Osbourne denies his groups lamb will being more expensive, as there will be savings matching supply with demand processor.

He says Yorkshire branding evokes “a wonderful farming environment” of stone-walling, lambs on the hills and dales.

“These qualities, backed up with the security of assurance and tagging will put consumers minds at rest,” he said.

Regional branding may be more effective for many producers as English and British labelling are unpopular in France.

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