Young bulls the only bright spot at cattle markets

By FWi staff

SHARPER trade for better-quality young bulls was seen at markets this week, but steers and heifers remained at similar rates to last.

Overall averages were similar to those seen in recent weeks, noted a spokesman from Uttoxeter market. Medium-weight Belgian Blue bulls topped at 109p/kg, with lightweight bulls at 106.5p/kg. Heavyweight Belgian bulls fetched 104.5p/kg.

MLC figures from markets earlier in the week show average bull prices inching up 0.40p to 79.45p/kg.

Throughput of steers at markets throughout England and Wales was down 29% at the start of the week. Auctioneers at Frome Market noted a much reduced entry: “Only 55 steers – and buyers are noticeably keener, especially for the premium Farm Assured British Beef and Lamb Scheme yard cattle.

“There is doubt that producers who have continued to feed their cattle are reaping the reward.”

Light steers slipped 0.41p earlier in the week to 71.12p/kg, while medium steers fell back 0.70p to 76.62p/kg. Heavy steers nudged up slightly at 77.98/kg.

Heifer trade has been varied, with all categories falling. Light heifers took the largest fall, dropping 3.31p to 72.06p/kg, while medium heifers eased only slightly to 76.07p/kg. Heavy heifers slipped 1.77p to 77.18p/kg.

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