Your third chance

27 March 1998

Your third chance

to win tickets for

the World Cup

This is week three of the

Cyanamid/farmers weekly

World Cup competition, your

chance to win one of 15

pairs of tickets (plus travel)

to England or Scotlands

first round World Cup games

in France in June. As in

previous weeks, look

through the text, answer the

three questions and keep

the page in a safe place.

Do the same for the next

three weeks (Apr 3, 10 and

17) then look out for the

coupon in the Apr 24 issue

THIS is the third week of the Cyanamid/farmers weekly World Cup Competition – your chance to win one of 15 pairs of tickets for England or Scotlands first round World Cup matches.

Despite the decision of the organisers to release more tickets to foreign fans, the tickets are still notoriously hard to get hold of. In fact a pair of tickets on the black market is reported to cost nearly £1800. But you can go for free, thanks to farmers weekly and Cyanamid, one of the official sponsors of the 1998 World Cup.

Just study the competition pages over the next four weeks (as well as the previous two issues, if you havent already filled them in). Then answer the questions and keep the page in a safe place. Lastly, look out for the coupon in the Apr 24 issue, in which all 18 questions will be repeated. Fill that in and send it to us.

More on Stomp

The brand most synonymous with Cyanamid is Stomp, the long-lasting, powerful residual herbicide. Stomp provides high levels of control of a wide range of both grass and broad-leaved weeds. Stomp has been proven in nearly 20 years of use in the UK and throughout the world on a huge range of weeds.

Stomp can be used at a range of rates and tailored to meet the exact weed control requirements of any field. Low rates provide control of meadow grass and routine broad-leaved weeds such as poppy, speedwell, chickweed and shepherds purse. At high rates, the spectrum broadens to encompass more demanding weeds – grass weeds like blackgrass and wild oats, and broad-leaved weeds such as volunteer oilseed rape, cranes bill and cleavers.

Stomp is highly immobile (it stays where you want it, and where you put it – on the soil surface) and is commonly applied with a soluble partner, such as isoproturon, to provide more enhanced contact activity on weeds that are emerged at the time of spraying.

In a wet autumn, as experienced this season, growers who applied Stomp and ipu as part of their autumn spraying programme should be seeing advantages over other residual herbicides. As Stomp is highly immobile, it is less susceptible to leaching, continuing to be effective when ipu has gone. This benefit will allow growers to concentrate on spring jobs, rather than correcting autumn problems.

Ecomatic – taking the lead in packaging

Cyanamid Agriculture has made significant investment in the safe handling, storage and transfer of pesticides by developing the Ecomatic system. The system is designed to help farmers, spray operators and the industry meet the new waste packaging legislation, which came into effect on Mar 1, 1997. The objective of the new legislation is to recover more than half of the EU nations total packaging waste by the year 2001.

Recognisable by its bold yellow 25-litre capacity keg, the Ecomatic system is a completely sealed transfer unit capable of speeding up spray operations by delivering 25 litres in less than two minutes.


You can stay up to date with the World Cup Competition questions by visiting Cyanamids recently-launched, free-to-use website at

How to enter the competition

Answer the three questions on this page and keep the page in a safe place. There will be another three questions in

each of the next three issues of

farmers weekly. Do not send anything to us yet. In the Apr 24 issue of FW there

will be a coupon with all 18 questions repeated, which you should fill in before

sending to this office.


1. How are the 15 pairs of World Cup tickets to be won? Skill, judgement and experience will decide your answers to the three questions

published in each of the FW issues of Mar 13, 20, 27, Apr 3, 10 and 17 (18 questions in total).

2. Fill in the answers to

all 18 questions in the coupon that appears in the Apr 24 issue of

farmers weekly.

3. The prize will be

awarded to the

competitors who

answer all 18 questions correctly and achieve

the nearest to the

correct answer for the tie-breaker.

4. The competition is open to all farmers, farm

managers, farm workers and contractors in the United Kingdom and Eire, except employees of Reed Business Information and their families, or Cyanamid Agriculture and its

distributors, or of

farmers weeklys printers.

5. Data supplied may be used for direct marketing purposes.

Left: Englands David Seaman celebrates as England qualifies for the 1998

World Cup.

Below: Stomp has been proven over nearly 20 years of use in the UK.

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