Youth camp volunteers leave lasting reminders

19 September 1997

Youth camp volunteers leave lasting reminders

Global and environmental awareness was the theme and Gloucestershire the location for this years NFYFC youth camp – nicknamed Glo-Ball in Gloucestershire.

And farmer Rob Dickenson, who hosted the camp at Catswood Farm, Bisley, near Stroud, has permanent reminders of the event – three rejuvenated ponds, thanks to work carried out by the young farmers (below left and right) under the direction of NFYFC field officer Mark Peck and with the support of the Department of the Environment and the Country Landowners Association.

They also built drystone walls (right) under the direction of members of the Dry Stone Walling Association.

Workshop sessions included introductions to tai chi, the forerunner of all martial arts, and line dancing, an art they put

into practise during the camp ball.

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