Zespri rebranding for Kiwifruit pays dividends

12 March 1998

Zespri rebranding for Kiwifruit pays dividends

THE Kiwifruit Marketing Boards decision to change its name last year to
Zespri International and market the fruit under the Zespri name, is starting to
pay dividends.

Marketing success is helping to boost confidence and improve the fortunes of New Zealand farmers after a long period of losses during which time many quit the industry.

Zespri achieved an 80% market share in the main selling season in Europe
between June and November. Its global market share was 67%. Zespri sold 99% of all fruit shipped from New Zealand last year, showing minimal fruit loss.

It has steadily increased its forecast payments to farmers since September last year from an average net market return of NZ$3.87 per tray, to the latest forecast of NZ$4.36 per tray. This would represent a return to farmers of NZ$264.1million. The industry has a total income of more than NZ$550 million a year after shipping, marketing, packing and related costs.

  • Financial Times 12/03/98 page 39

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