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World tour reveals opportunities for UK free-range eggs

The free-range sector has enjoyed some substantial years of growth and profitability as the market has developed in recent years. But there are fears that the market place is becoming…


How to extend late lay quality through nutrition management

Maintaining lay persistency, egg mass and shell quality in late lay can have a significant impact on a flock’s financial performance.  Keeping up consistent egg production in late lay requires…


Data management helps egg producers improve profits

Broiler producers are frequently commended for their data collection and for the fact they use this information to monitor flock performance carefully and respond to changes as and when they…


Stonegate uses pullet rearing to combat aggressive pecking

Producer packer Stonegate has been recognised for its work with supermarket Waitrose to reduce the need for beak trimming – and boost flock health overall. Introducing enhanced management while birds…

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Outlook 2017: Can rising demand sustain poultry prices?

Many farmers have entered the egg production sector over the past few years because of strong demand. However, egg prices will need to remain robust in 2017 or margins will come…


Egg sales continue to soar in 2016

Consistent marketing of the health and dietary benefits of eggs is paying off, with egg sales continuing to rise this year. Latest Kantar figures show that retail egg sales rose by 3.7%…


Bfrepa calls for representation on Defra avian flu group

Free-range egg producers should be represented on Defra’s avian influenza (AI) core group. The call came from the British Free Range Egg Producers Association (Bfrepa) chief executive Robert Gooch, who…


Vegetable-protein sales could hurt eggs, conference hears

Growing demand for vegetable based protein products could have a significant impact on the egg sector. Leading food industry expert David Hughes told the British Free Range Egg Producers Association…

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Campaigns market eggs to elderly and trendy youth

Two campaigns have been launched to promote eggs to the youngest and oldest generations. The first aims to raise awareness of the latest egg safety advice for vulnerable groups and remind caterers of their…


Egg week celebrates Hancock’s ‘go to work on an egg’ half ...

British Egg Week is to celebrate half a century since the iconic series of “go to work on an egg” adverts were first aired, alongside a wide range of activities aimed at…


Happy Egg takes advantage of US demand for non-cage eggs

Noble Foods has taken advantage of “massive growth” in non-caged egg demand in the US, with Happy Egg now the leading brand in the country's free-range category. The company has tripled…


Watch: Villagers feud with egg packer over new farm

A planning dispute has broken out in a Kent village characteristic of those across the country – local residents opposing the erection of a new poultry unit. This one, however,…

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