5 weird and wacky harvest videos

The world of arable farming never fails to throw up a generous dose of drama, whether it is a bit of crazy combine driving, dodgy bale stacking or mad machinery modifications.

While this collection of funny videos are intended to be a brief moment of light-hearted respite from the pressures of harvest it is, of course, important to always make sure you stay safe on the farm. 

With that in mind, watch this compilation of five video clips and cringe as things don’t quite go according to plan.

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1. You shall not pass. This driver gets a shock when confronted with a Claas Lexion 770

A common occurrence on the roads between July and September. Listen for the driver’s exclamation at the end of the clip.

2. Back in the field, the soil harvest is yielding well

A lesson in how not to harvest your spuds.

3. This farmer has an interesting technique when it comes to baling

Remember, time is money.

4. Over optimistic bale stacking never fails to entertain

Going, going…gone.

5. When machinery fails you and you’ve got to get the job done, thinking outside the box can help

If you’re easily offended by bad ploughing we suggest you look away now.