A day in the life of Simon Beddows’ collie, Paddy

My master, Simon, is on holiday so he suggested I wrote this month’s focus. My name is Paddy, I’m a cross-bred Collie and assistant to the manager at Coppid Farming.

My day usually goes something like this: 6am and I can hear him staggering out of bed. Great. Soon be having my breakfast. Now how about my walk? Humans are so slow when eating. Once the morning’s walk is over, it’s say goodbye to the real boss and off to work. I know full well that as we walk across the yard he is dreaming up what the men are going to do today. I used to get to chase the cat, but sadly since that unfortunate incident when it ran through the cat flap and I was left wearing the little plastic door around my neck, I now have to stay on the lead.

Next, into the workshop. I wonder what mood Ian’s spaniel Rosie is in? Sometimes she is all over me and I feel strangely attracted to her. Mostly she’s just plain miserable. Women. Will we ever understand them?

Good, it doesn’t look like I am being returned home so he isn’t going out on one of those noisy machines that I am not allowed on. I do very occasionally get a ride on the combine, but mostly he leaves me at home.

Once in the office he sits and stares at that funny screen and mutters about the weather while I curl up by the radiator. Whoopee! I hear a van. It must be the postman. He always has a biscuit for me.

After lunch we are off crop walking. Now, will I be allowed to chase the pigeons or do I get told off for looking at the pheasants?

Finally, home for tea after another busy day.

Happy New Year!

Simon Beddows manages 1,000ha of arable land at Dunsden Green, south Oxfordshire. Cropping is cereals, oilseed rape, beans and forage maize

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