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Ask the…Breeder: Crop Q&A series

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LG is a brand of plant breeder Limagrain; a farmer owned co-op dedicated to developing new varieties of arable, forage & amenity seeds for farmers and growers.

We’re proud to offer a wide portfolio of some of the very best varieties in the market for valuable agronomics and performance, including the highest yielding winter wheat; LG Skyscraper, and the top 6 OSR varieties on the current AHDB Recommended List.

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Limagrain have launched the brand new Ask the… Breeder series.

A dynamic and interactive digital Q&A sessions where experts in their field will answer all your burning questions across several topics around arable farming.

Ask the…Breeder – maize

In this session, specialists from Limagrain Tim Richmond (Maize Product Manager), and Richard Camplin (Technical Manager for Maize & Forage Crops), will be discussing all areas of maize breeding, including helping you choose the right variety, to help you get the best return on your investment.

Ask the…Breeder – oilseed rape

Our first session gives you support around your plant breeding queries to help you achieve top yields within OSR. Dr Vailis Gegas, the first oilseed rape breeder in the UK to successfully bring together high yield with turnip yellows virus (TuYV) resistance shares insight into plant breeding and what it can offer you.

Ask the…Breeder – winter wheat

In this second session Ed Flatman, the senior wheat breeder from Limagrain UK answers your queries around winter wheat breeding, from choosing the right variety for your farm system to best practices to achieve top yields for winter wheat this year.

Ask the…Breeder – Barley

Tom Barker joins Ron Granger in this third episode, where they answer all your queries on Barley.

Ask the…Breeder – Pulses

In this Ask the Breeder session, we turn our focus to pulses. Field beans are showing a resurgence in popularity as growers search for an alternative break crop to OSR. Will Pillinger, pulse breeder from Limagrain UK is with us to bust some myths and advise on the best pulses variety for your purpose. Get advice on establishment and drilling dates for both winter and spring varieties.

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