Barley harvest finished

He managed to get a yield of 6.9 t/ha (2.8 t/acre) and saying that he didn’t know the specific weight, but he thought it was “adequate”.

However he did say “it would have been nice to get 3 t/acre (7.4t/ha), but 2.75 t/acre (6.8t/ha) is what we normally get.”

Mr Cobbold said that this year‘s harvest was “nothing special”.

On average the grain was coming in between 14.5-16.5% moisture content

Mr Cobbold has finished harvesting, until his other crops have fully matured, which he predicts will be later next week.

“I now have nothing to do for a week,” he exclaimed.

He hopes to crack on next week with the oilseed rape, peas and wheat harvest, weather permitting.