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If you're thinking about selling your tractor and not sure what it's worth, here's a tool that may help.

We're testing a new feature to help value your tractor based on its operating hours.

This tool is currently in beta and we would like your feedback on whether it is something that would be useful to you and if we should continue developing it.

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Value my tractor beta

Our price research tools provides you with a guide on second hand tractor prices based on machines advertised on Farmers Weekly Classified. If you are buying or selling, this will save you time trawling through lots of adverts.

We have developed this tool to help you value your tractor, based on the thousands of adverts posted on Farmers Weekly Classifieds. This feature is in the testing phase and we'd like to get your feedback on its usefulness to you and how we could improve it.

  • Help you make a more informed decision
  • Compare against current classified ads
  • Instant valuation on most popular models

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