Berkshire crops turning quickly

FW Barometer Nigel Horne finished cutting Sequel winter barley yesterday (July 20), having started on Tuesday (July 18). Prior to combining, he expected barley yields to have been affected by the heat, but he was happy with 8.5 – 9t/ha. The sample was not particularly bold, he said. Moisture content was a dry 12%.

Castille and Lioness OSR that had been desiccated last Wednesday (July 12) were “turning very quickly in the heat”.

Malacca and Solstice winter wheat was also ripening very quickly, and he expected to start cutting within two weeks.

He added: “We don’t normally start combining until 24 – 26 July, so we’re a week ahead.”

• Crop: Winter barley
• Variety: Sequel
• Yield: 8.5 – 9t/ha

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