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Borealis L.A.T – Meeting the needs of the UK landscape

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Borealis L.A.T is a member of the Borealis Group. Its fertiliser production sites are located at the heart of important agricultural regions in France, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Borealis L.A.T is a member of the Borealis Group. Its fertiliser production sites are located at the heart of important agricultural regions in France and Austria. The company’s head office is located in Linz, Austria, where apart from fertilisers, melamine and technical nitrogen products are manufactured.

Borealis L.A.T provides efficient crop nutrients which are essential for the growing world population.

At Borealis L.A.T, our mission is quite simple: to help farmers towards growing nutritious crops while sustaining healthy soils for generations to come. We offer high-quality products tailored to meet farmers’ needs within this ever-changing environment. 

Our granular AN 33.5 N fertiliser is produced to the highest standards, providing farmers with assurance over quality. Its bulk density and granule size provide a superior spreading pattern with an excellent CV from 24 to 48 metres.

UK and Ireland Sales Manager, Tom Holt, says: “In addition to our granular AN 33.5 N, our MYNITRAS product range of 27 N +9S0and 26 N +13S0are also available to the UK market along with straight NAC 27 N +3MgO ”.

Like our granular AN, these products are created to the highest standards, ensuring excellent quality, consistent granule size and excellent bulk density. “Due to the direct availability of sulphur and nitrogen, MYNITRAS products ensure a fast vegetation start for oilseed rape, winter cereals, as well as grassland in the spring”.

Continued investment in their plant allows Borealis L.A.T to load vessels faster and more effectively whileensuring that the integrity of the productsis not compromised at any stage.

“The investment we have made over the last year in Rouen,” Tom Holt continues “and our close proximity to the UK market allows us to meet our customers’ expectations, as well as ensure that our products are available nationwide, all-throughout the season.”

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